Thai Industrial Standards(TIS) Product Certificate

The Thai Industrial Standards (TIS) is a Technical Requirement that the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) has established as a manufacturing guideline in order to undertake standardization and aim for products with optimal quality. Contents of the TIS include technical specifications, product characteristics, product operating performance, quality of raw material and testing procedures. Currently there are over 2,000 standards covering numerous consumer products such as food, electrical appliances, vehicles, construction material and many more.

TIS Mark

The Thai Industrial Standard Institute  has developed standards in response to meet the needs and development of the country’s industries, businesses, economic government and society, and also for government policy support, consumer protection and environment and natural resource preservation. TISI provides product certification schemes with 2 types of certification marks namely the voluntary certification mark and the mandatory certification mark.

Voluntary Certification Mark

  • The application for any voluntary certification may be submitted on applicant’s own demand.

Mandatory Certification Mark

  • In order to protect the consumer’s safety, some products legally require the mandatory certification mark. Products which fall into the mandatory category shall be produced or imported and sold only distinguished with the mandatory certification mark.

Consultancy Service to get Thai Industrial Standards Product Certification

Advantage Co., Ltd. (ACL) was the first private company to be authorized as an Inspection Body to conduct factory inspections for TIS product certifications. At the beginning of March 2007 we covered a scope of 8 products which has increased to 400 products within 2009. Soon the managing director of the company foresaw the high demand of businesses and industrial sectors that would require consultancy to accelerate the TIS certification process and arranged the smooth alteration from being an Inspection body to an efficient consultancy provider. With our in-depth knowledge and experience concerning TIS certifications we help our clients to get their TIS certificate faster and with less hassle.

The most common problem of TIS application is the overlook or misunderstanding of requirements which causes the delay of application process and therefore not only extends the lead time to get the certificate but also results in more expenses for the applicant.

Examples of problems factors are:

  • Preparation of wrong sample type/quantity
  • Failed factory inspection results due to improper arrangement of the quality system documents
  • Incomplete document submission
  • Wrong or insufficient product scope due to lack of applicant’s awareness

Our consultants intend to provide best advice to reduce such delays in the application process and avoid unwilled expenses occurring from an application requirement deficiency. We ensure that the applicant is guided through implementation and maintenance of their quality system and retain it in the long term. Other ISO 9000 consultants may offer you complicated quality system implementation that will result in long certification lead times but we distinguish ourselves by helping you to comply with the TIS requirements proceeding most suitable to your organization and omitting unnecessary documents.

Our consultancy service includes:

Consultancy for application submission including consideration of suitable product scope in order to cover most of your products and reducing expenses for repeatedly application submission of products categorized with the same TIS standard

  • Arrangement of pre-audits to evaluate your organization’s quality system
  • Advice on how to prepare the quality system according to TIS requirements
  • Advice on how to prepare factory test equipments and records
  • Advice on how to prepare the samples for the lab
  • Advice on how to choose an authorized Inspection Body (IB) and certified test lab
  • Arrangement of training to company’s personnel in order to maintain the quality system after certificationThai Industrial Standards(TIS) Product Certificate