TISI New update standard for Cord Extention

TISI announced TIS 2432-2555 to be the TISI Mandatory Standard: Plugs and socket - outlets for household and similar purposes: cord extension sets  

Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) has announced the new mandatory standard for Plugs and Socket – Outlets for Household and Similar Purposes: Cord Extension Sets which is TIS 2432-2555.  Meanwhile, this is meant to another relevant 5 standards

TISI advised said there are 2 important major parts. Ones are the plug and socket. Another one is the cable.

·         TIS 2432-2555 for the cord extension sets. It is required according to TIS 11-2553

·         TIS 11-2553 for the electrical cable which is the mandatory standard

·         TIS 166-2547 for the plug and socket which is going to be the mandatory in the near future

·         TIS 824-2551 for the electric switch

Nonetheless, the reason why TISI considered making above standards to be the mandatory is because using the non-standard cord extension sets may caused to fire and big disaster. Also, there are many using the extension set currently so TISI would need to protect and prevent the consumer from the low quality cord extension set.

Using non-standard and low quality cord extension sets many caused fire