TISI More Supporting for Rubber Product

Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI), moving forward improvement for  the SMEs Rubber  

Thailand Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) is helping to support the academic information to the rubber’s manufacturer and especially for the rubber matters and pillows. TISI held the seminar as the topic “Improvement our Rubber Thai Product with TIS” to improve the quality and make understanding in the application processing including how to display TIS mark.

Recently, TISI have 155 standards for the rubber products; there are 152 voluntary standards and another 3 mandatory standard.

The special mandatory standards are TIS. 683-2530 Motorcycle Rubber Inner Tubes, TIS 969-2533 Rubber Nipples for Babies’ Bottle and TIS 1025-2529 Babies’ Dummies   

As those standards can build up strength for the rubber industry both in the production and testing which much important to reduce any international abstract and be a better performance for the international competition.

For more information for the TISI Rubber standard, please  call +66-2992-5330