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Supplier evaluation: Screen for quality and compliance with our supplier assessment services

Screen for quality and compliance with our supplier assessment services

In order to verify the safety and reliability of purchased goods or equipment, Buyer must ensure that suppliers meet quality requirements and that manufacturing processes comply with applicable regulations and standards.

Today's globally connected world, where international suppliers and subcontractors can supply products to customers located thousands of miles away, makes it difficult for foreign buyers to evaluate manufacturing processes taking place on different continents. We support you with supplier and subcontractor audits, the aim of which is to demonstrate the reliability of potential and current suppliers. Our on-site supplier assessment services help you meet your quality expectations and compliance requirements globally and throughout your supply chain.

Ensure the quality of the products you intend to purchase before placing an order with our extensive supplier auditing program and supplier quality management services.

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Protect your reputation, limit liability and increase competitiveness

Our independent inspectors inspect the manufacturing processes of your potential suppliers and their subcontractors throughout the supply chain. This helps ensure the quality of the industrial equipment, machinery, components, materials or products you intend to purchase.

Detailed information gathered on-site about suppliers currently supplying goods and under consideration can improve your business performance by helping you avoid bottlenecks and weaknesses in production that can cause delays and increase project costs.

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Evaluate suppliers and subcontractors to ensure competency and compliance

Supplier inspection - ACL

We evaluate and vet suppliers and subcontractors in 4 easy steps

We conduct supplier audits based on the specific requirements of your company or project and/or the scope of our own assessment. We can also provide you with an extended audit version that includes a supplier quality management assessment. Our review is usually divided into the following four stages:


To prepare

with the buyer, we complete a technical questionnaire based on each supplier's profile, references and a list of specific characteristics.


are carefully planned and coordinated and our auditors will conduct on-site inspections, audits and assessments of suppliers and subcontractors.


Based on the supplier audit results, we provide a customized assessment matrix based on a traceable, non-discriminatory model that lists suppliers based on performance and outlines potential areas of weakness and bottlenecks.


Our experts will pre-qualify global suppliers based on an evaluation matrix, select from high-energy suppliers and prepare a shortlist of tender candidates before your purchase. A group of sub-suppliers can also be identified and recommendations made to help them improve quality to acceptable levels.

ACL scrutinizes your suppliers throughout the supply chain

Our experts provide you with a comprehensive service, drawing on their extensive experience gained from various industries and international projects of all sizes. To ensure you get the best results, our supplier audits are based on client or project-specific requirements as well as our own assessment scope.

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