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Pre-shipment inspection to ensure goods are shipped safely and correctly

Pre-shipment inspection to ensure goods are shipped safely and correctly

In today's various industries, the ability to provide the right goods at the right time at a competitive price means success. In order to meet market demand, manufacturers must select materials and suppliers around the world. In the context of globalization, there is an increased risk that products and materials will not be delivered on time or of a quality that does not meet agreed standards and specifications. Different customers are in different situations and all have the same needs, that is, the ordered components, materials and instruments are guaranteed to meet certain specifications and standards.

In order to solve these problems, Advantage Co., Ltd (ACL), as an independent third-party agency, can help industrial manufacturers conduct professional pre-shipment inspections to ensure that goods and documents comply with order requirements, local regulations and contract provisions.

Advantages at a glance

Pre-shipment inspection services are part of our supply chain services and provide you with the following services:

  • The goods and documents conform to the order and comply with regional, national and international safety standards
  • Expertise based on 32+ years of history and experience assures the quality of industrial equipment, machinery, accessories, products and materials
  • Rich experience gained in projects in 6 countries around the world
  • A broad portfolio of services and expertise provides individual customers with tailor-made solutions
  • One-stop solution for all your supply chain needs
  • Pre-shipment cargo inspection services

Pre-shipment inspection is a service related to ensuring safe transportation and cargo quality. Many countries require imported products to comply with regional, national and international safety standards, so this service can verify that test results comply with requirements.


Our pre-shipment inspection experts provide the following services before your goods are shipped:

  • Visual inspection of goods quality and quantity
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Document verification, including inspection report, factory inspection certificate, ISO certification and packing list
  • Packaging label inspection
  • Produce detailed reports with pictures in the shortest possible time

Make sure the equipment you order meets specifications with our Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) service

In today's industry, success means being able to offer the right product at the right time at a competitive price.

To meet market demands, industrial manufacturers select their materials and suppliers from around the world.

As globalization increases, so does the risk of products and materials not being delivered on time and/or product quality not meeting agreed requirements.

Customers around the world have a common need to ensure that the components, materials and equipment they order meet required specifications.

An independent third party like ACL can help you conduct pre-shipment inspections to ensure that equipment, components and documentation meet contract requirements.

Our extensive experience in global supply chain projects makes us your partner of choice. You can benefit from our expertise and solutions tailored to your business.

Learn more about how pre-shipment inspections can benefit your project. Business is spread all over the world.

Ensure quality before shipment with help from our industrial equipment experts

  • Qualities
  • Labels
  • Contractual Requirements.
  • Packaging
  • Loading

Through the efforts of our PSI experts, you can be sure that the equipment you purchase meets the quantity and quality requirements, that its packaging can withstand the adverse conditions that may arise during transportation, and that the shipping documents are complete.

We contribute to your success in the international supply chain

Our pre-shipment inspection service scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Inspection of packaging to ensure adequate protection during transport and confirm that it meets specified requirements
  • Loading inspection to ensure goods are properly secured for transport
  • Verify proper installation of exercise recording equipment
  • Verify the integrity of shipping documents
  • Verify that all equipment meets agreed contract conditions prior to shipment
  • Provide pre-shipment inspection report

Ultimately, you will receive a pre-shipment inspection report confirming that your goods are ready for shipping in the quality and quantity specified in your order, and are properly documented. In addition, we protect your goods during packaging and loading to reduce the risk of damage that may occur during transportation.


International supply chains need a one-stop service, delivered by your pre-shipment inspection experts

No matter which sector or country you work in, our multidisciplinary teams offer a rich service portfolio and expertise. We can meet all your supply chain needs.

We have been ensuring the quality and timely delivery of industrial equipment, machinery and components for the past three decades. Today we execute global projects in more than 6 countries. Our experts will audit, inspect or verify against your inspection test plan, your specifications or applicable international codes and standards.

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